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About the Faculty

Thammasat University (TU) is one of the best known and respected institutions of higher learning in the country. Its guiding philosophy has been to teach students to love and cherish democracy. Thammasat students and graduates have participated in the progress of democracy in Thailand.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts aims to create problem solvers and multidimensional thinkers through interdisciplinary perspectives, international networking, experiential learning, multilingual enrichment, and civic engagement. We offer 25 undergraduate majors and 13 graduate programs across seven disciplines: modern languages, linguistics, information sciences, geoinformatics, area studies, behavioral sciences, and humanities. Specifically, we teach and research the human experience and behavior, data and technology, world geography and cultures, and languages and communication, equipping you with breadth and depth for career readiness and advanced academic studies – locally and abroad. Our programs encourage you to cross academic boundaries so that you can discover your passion, gain intellectual versatility, and expand professional possibilities Whether you are studying the Korean language, personality psychology, GPS mapping, or Shakespeare, our professors accentuate the importance of applied learning so that you can become an innovative lifelong learner who can adapt and transfer what we teach to drive meaningful change in the 21st century. With over 3,400 students in the Faculty, we also prize diversity and inclusion as a creed and paradigm to empower integrity, global citizenship, and social responsibility in our ever-changing digitally and globally interconnected world.

Video Tour in Faculty of Liberal Arts (Tha Prachan)

Take a tour in Faculty of Liberal Arts (Tha Prachan). The video will take you to every places in the Faculty of Liberal Arts (Tha Prachan).

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International PortFolio 2024 applications are now OPEN!

We are now accepting new batches of British and American Studies (BAS) and Business Communication (BC) through online submission. The online application will guide you how to fill out the forms and how to prepare the necessary documents.

Education Services

Thammasat University includes one of the prestigious library where students can find countless intellectual resources.

International Hubs

Our Office of International Affairs offers opportunities to study abroad with credit transfers. For more information regarding exchange programs, scholarships and partner universities.

Bachelor’s and Master’s

Our SIPs include both International and Thai programs, conducted by the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University.

University Life

SIP is established at Ta Prachan Campus.

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Scholarships & Financial AID

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University provides scholarships and financial aid based on academic excellence.